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"B" Models: High Pressure Briquetting & Compacting Machines

  • A Rugged machine designed specifically for briquetting operations requiring high pressures combined with ease of roll change.
  • Typical applications include inorganic chemicals such as quick lime (CaO) and metal powders.
  • Cantilevered roll design for easy roll replacement
  • Horizontal feed design provides for more versatile and precise feed into rolls.


"DH" Models: Moderate-to-High Pressure Briquetting & Compacting Machines

  • Extremely versatile and dependable machines designed specifically for briquetting operations requiring moderate to high pressures while optimizing production rates.
  • Features rolll shafts which are supported by bearings on both sides of the roll.
  • Capable of handling wide rolls for binder briquetting such materials as coal, charcoal, metal oxides and binderless briquetting of sodium cyanide, DMT, sodium chloride, as well as numerous other chemicals and ores.
  • Solid or segmented roll design for easy roll replacement
  • Vertical feed design provides for either screw feed or gravity feed options.

B050 Drawing1

Laboratory Model-Roller Press

  • Smallest Roller Press yet on the market
  • Designed specifically for research and small laboratory projects.
  • It is an inexpensive, versatile and useful tool to provide data for improving the performance of existing compacting or briquetting operations or implementing the new ones.
  • Product contact assemblies are all stainless steel, easily removable for quick setup changes, cleaning and sterilization.
  • Integrated mixing system allows small batch preparation followed by direct loading into the screw feeder.
  • Continuous display of all important process parameters with output to data acquisition system.